The Whispering Hills

Session 3 - Politics and Obelisk

- Party fought the hags in the ruined church with all their weapons outside. Yllastine cast mirror image and ran out the front doors to grab Kevon's axe, right as the hags trapped her in a forcecage. Myassa was weakened by the sea hag's hideous appearance, then Sora blasted two of them with her frost breath before the green hag vanished, the sea hag tried her evil eye and the annis hag leaped on Sora's back and started raking the dragon shaman with vicious claw attacks. Kevon jumped up on the altar and started throwing elbows and punches, later returning to the annis and Irish boxing her. While his dire wolverine struggled to squeeze through the church window, Graybird wildshaped into a rhino and charged the sea hag, smashing her pulped body through the church wall. Pyke then started playing a dirge of fear on his pan pipes, which seemed to affect the party more than the hags. Myassa teleported outside, grabbed Kevon's warhammer and teleported back, but in her weakened state wasn't able to toss it more than a few feet; she then executed a sneak attack on the annis and had a conjured bag o' tricks wolverine take her down. Yllastine then shot some magic missiles through the green hag's skull as she reappeared to deliver a weakening touch on Myassa, ending the battle. Just as Pyke was congratulating the party on their cleverness, the annoyed tiefling blasted him with a lightning bolt (catching Kevon and Graybird as well), and the satyr took off at high speed through the woods. 

- Myassa discovered a secret door behind the altar, and the party proceeded into the foul-smelling basement where the hags' kept their lair. Among their possessions was a severed hand bearing a ring of darkvision, suit of leather armor enchanted with glamer, a magical silver dagger that seemed to constantly trail an eerie black mist, and a fine pair of black leather boots with a potentially incriminating note addressed to 'Lord Isegard' hidden in a hollow heel. A three-legged frog in a wicker cage started hopping about madly when the party entered, and Greybird cast dispel magic on the creature, which instantly reverted back into a Mahrune man missing his right hand. Introducing himself as Hashim, the stranger professed to be a simple traveler whose caravan was ambushed in the mountains many weeks ago; in return for saving him, he was willing to let the party keep his armor and dagger, asking only for his boots back. The group was suspicious, and upon showing Hashim the note, he seemed lose his composure for just a moment. Thanking the heroes with a traditional Mahrune embrace, he did manage to slip the note out of Sora's pocket with uncanny skill, but the dragon shaman seized his hand before he could stuff the paper into his mouth. After discussing killing the man, releasing him or bringing him back to town, Myassa ultimately bound the prisoner and Sora carried him aboveground, also taking with her the icon of Pelor from the ruined church. 

- At camp that night, Greybird volunteered to continue tracking the orcs and their human captives while the rest of the party returned to Singorne with their prisoner. The druid changed into an eagle and departed in the morning along with his wolverine companion. Hashim did attempt to slip off at one point during the return trip, but Myassa and Sora easily chased him down and cuffed him soundly, and the party ended up hanging him by his arm and legs from a pole for the rest of the trek. In town, Durnek and the guardsmen took the stranger to the holding cells. The party saw Affaz standing by his grand tent, and the trader volunteered to talk to the prisoner in the morning on the party's behalf. He also noted that Myassa still looked unwell, and pointed her toward the temple of Pelor near the keep.

While Yllastine and Kevon remained outside (unwilling to relinquish their weapons again), Myassa and Sora entered the temple. After returning the icon of Pelor to the head priestess, Tana Lightbringer, the venerable halfling cleric then cast a spell on Myassa to restore her strength. The temple also sold the party a few healing potions. 

- Found out their prisoner had been murdered, and the only person to visit the jail was Lord Clane. Proceeded to meet with the nobleman and Yllastine accused him of murder, lord then threw them out of his chambers. 

- Party decided to head north and check out the mysterious obelisk while awaiting news from Greybird. The site radiated conjuration magic, and the area immediately around the obelisk was mysteriously free of snow. The first room was a series of 3 doors, all of which were trapped – the center door triggered a ceiling trap that injured Kevon and Sora, the left door was a false opening holding back pressurized acidic gas, and the last door temporarily turned several party members into platinum coins. 

- The room beyond contained a steep ramp with a channel carved down the middle and dozens of heavy clay barrels at the bottom, which Yllastine found to contain a strong acid. As the party proceeded up the ramp, Yllastine triggered a pressure plate that dropped a set of heavy stone rollers down at the top of the ramp. Myassa was able to teleport past the rollers, Yllastine used a conjured set of black tentacles to slow the rollers enough to reduce the damage she suffered and stop the smaller stone wheel from crushing her, but Sora and Kevon ended up showered in acid and close to death, their armor badly corroded. 


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